Hip Anterior Glide


  • to increase hip extension and external rotation.
  • Tăng duỗi và xoay ngoài háng

Accessory Motion Technique

  • Patient Position: prone position near the edge of the table, with the hip in slight flexion, abduction, and external rotation (FABER), with the foot secured at the posterior aspect of the contralateral leg (figure-4 position) (Tư thế số 4 hoặc FABER ở tư thế nằm sấp).
  • Clinician Position & Hand Placement: 
    • Stand contralateral to the side being mobilized with your leg securing the patient’s foot against the table as needed.
    • Stabilization is provided by the patient’s body weight and through securing the leg close to the surface of the table. A mobilization belt may also be used, around the patient’s waist.
    • Hand-over-hand contact is placed at the posterior aspect of the proximal femur just below the gluteal fold. Your elbows are extended and your forearms are positioned in line with the anterolateral direction of force. You may alternately place your stabilization hand at the anterior superior iliac spine on the side being mobilized with your mobilization hand is at the posterior aspect of the proximal femur.
  • Force Application: An antero-laterally directed force is applied through your hand contacts.
Hip anterior glide.
Hip anterior glide 2

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