Hip Inferior Glide


  • to increase hip flexion./Tăng gấp háng

Accessory Motion Technique

  • Patient Position: supine position with the leg being mobilized placed over your shoulder with the knee flexed.
  • Clinician Position & Hand Placement: 
    • Stand to the side facing the patient. You may incorporate abduction/adduction or ER/IR to pre-position the hip in the direction of greatest restriction.
    • Stabilization is provided by the patient’s body weight with assistance from a stabilization belt placed around the patient’s pelvis.
    • Mobilization hands: clasped and placed over the anterior aspect of the proximal femur with your forearms in the direction in which force is applied.
    • A mobilization belt may be used around your gluteals to reinforce hand contacts.
  • Force Application: Apply an inferiorly directed mobilization force through your hand and belt contacts.(Lực kéo xuống dưới qua hai tay và dây đai)
Hip inferior glide.

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