Hip Medial Glide


  • to increase  hip abduction and ER/
  • Tăng dạng háng và xoay ngoài

Accessory Motion Technique

  • Patient Position: side-lying or supine position with the hip in neutral. You may pre-position the hip at the point of restriction.
  • Clinician Position & Hand Placement:
    • Stand on the ipsilateral side of the hip being mobilized.
    • Stabilization hand: supports the leg at the medial aspect of the knee.
    • Mobilization hand: contacts the lateral aspect of the proximal femur. Your forearm is in line with the direction in which force is applied.
  • Force Application: With your hand contacts in place, take up the slack in the joint and apply a medial glide to the proximal hip.
Hip medial glide.

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