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The Core Outcome Measures Index for the back (COMI-back) is a validated multidimensional questionnaire for assessing the key outcomes of importance to patients with back (or neck) problems. Being brief, it is associated with minimal respondent burden and high completion rates.

The five domain scores for pain (higher of items 1a and 1b), back-related function (item 2), symptom-specific well-being (item 3), general quality of life (item 4) and disability (average of items 5 and 6). In the COMI-back questionnaire, scores for each domain range from 0 to 10, with lower scores indicative of less disability and higher scores indicative of more disability. The total COMI-back score is the average score of the five included domains.

Use the following EVALUATION FORM to evaluate your patient and PRINT THE FORM when the evaluation is completed.


Original Literature:

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Validation Literature:

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Additional Literature:

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