Tibiofemoral Distraction


  • Testing; initial treatment; pain control; general mobility

Accessory Motion Technique

  • Patient Position:
    • Supine with the knee in the open-packed position or prone with the knee flexed to the point of the restriction
  • Clinician position & Hand Placement:
    • Stands at foot of pt facing cephalad
    • Stabilizing contact: In supine, distal thigh is stabilized over a bolster or mobilization straps can be used; in prone, stabilization provided through clinician’s elbow over posterior thigh
    • Mobilizing contact: 1–2 hands grasp just proximal to ankle
  • Force Application: Through your mobilization hand contact, apply a long-axis distraction force.
Tibiofemoral distraction.
TF distraction, sitting position
TF distraction, prone position

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