Wrist Distraction

Tên tiếng Anh/Việt

  • Radiocarpal Distraction with flexion and extension
  • Kéo tách khớp quay – cổ tay với gập và duỗi


  • To improve motion in all directions


  • Patient/Clinician: sitting position with the forearm supported by the table, the wrist in neutral, and the hand over the edge of the table. The wrist may be pre positioned at the point of restriction.
  • Clinician Position  & Hand Placement
    • Sit on the ipsilateral side of the wrist being mobilized.
    • Stabilization hand: grasp the distal radius and ulna.
    • Mobilization hand: place immediately adjacent to the stabilization hand just distal to the patient’s wrist over the proximal row of carpal bones.
  • Force Application: After taking up the slack in the joint, apply force in the direction of the long axis of the forearm.
RC distraction

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