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The publication of the McGill Pain Questionnaire (Melzack, 1975) represented a major (r)evolution in pain research. The MPQ may be used for a standard registration and evaluation of the complaints of pain in a patient. Furthermore, it can also be used for diagnostics and to control the effects of therapies and/ or pain relief in individual patients.

The short-form McGill Pain Questionnaire (SF-MPQ) is a shorter version of the original MPQ, and was developed later in 1987.

The measure is calculated by summing the point values for responses to 15 questions.

  • Questions 1-11 deal with the sensory dimension of pain (i.e., the quality of the pain).
  • Questions 12-15 deal with the affective dimension of pain (i.e., how the pain affects you).

In addition, there is a visual analogue scale for pain and a final question about pain intensity. Higher scores generally correspond to an worsened subjective experience of pain.

The SF-MPQ has been developed mainly for adults with chronic pain, including pain due to rheumatic conditions.

Use the following EVALUATION FORM to evaluate your patient and PRINT THE FORM when the evaluation is completed.


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