Radiocarpal Glides

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  • Radiocarpal Glides
  • Trượt khớp quay cổ tay


  • Dorsal glides to improve wrist flex/trượt về phía mu để cải thiện gấp cổ tay
  • Volar glides to improve wrist ext/trượt về phía lòng để cải thiện duỗi cổ tay

Accessory Motion Technique:

  • Patient Position: sitting with the elbow flexed to 90 degrees and forearm pronated with the wrist in neutral and the hand over the edge of the table. You may pre-position the patient with the wrist at the point of restriction.
  • Clinician Position  & Hand Placement:
    • Sit on the ipsilateral side of the wrist being mobilized.
    • Stabilization hand: grasp the distal radius and ulna.
    • Mobilization hand: place immediately adjacent to the stabilization hand just distal to the patient’s wrist over the proximal row of carpal bones.
  • Force Application: Take up the slack in the joint, and apply force in an upward direction for dorsal glides and apply force in a downward direction for volar glides.
Radiocarpal dorsal glide.
Radiocarpal volar glide.

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