Hip Posterior Glide


  • to increase hip flexion and internal rotation
  • Tăng gấp háng và xoay trong

Accessory Motion Technique

  • Patient Position: supine, with the hip flexed, slightly abducted, and internally rotated with the knee flexed.
  • Clinician Position & Hand Placement: 
    • Standing on the contralateral side of the hip being mobilized.
    • Stabilization is provided by the patient’s body weight. Additionally, your stabilization hand or bolster is placed under the patient’s posterior ischium just proximal to the patient’s hip.
    • Place your clasped mobilization hands or single mobilization hand over the patient’s flexed knee with your forearms in line with the postero-lateral direction of force.
  • Force Application:
    • With your hand contacts in place, take up the slack in the joint and apply a postero-lateral glide through the long axis of the femur.
    • Alternately, you may apply a postero-lateral glide as you bring the patient’s hip into progressively greater ranges of hip flexion.
Hip Posterior glide.

Hip posterior glide 2

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