Iliosacral Posterior Rotation

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  • Iliosacral Posterior Rotation
  • Khớp khớp cùng chậu ra sau


  • To improve  IS posterior rotation or in the presence of an anteriorly rotated innominate positional fault.

Accessory Motion Technique

  • Patient Position:
    • The patient is in a side-lying position facing you with the side to be mobilized uppermost and the hip flexed to 900.
  • Clinician Position & Hand Placement:
    • Standing in a straddle stance position facing the patient with the posterior aspect of the uppermost thigh against your trunk.
    • Stabilization is provided by maintaining the patient’s contralateral hip in neutral and in contact with the table.
    • The palm of your cephalad hand contacts the patient’s ASIS and
    • the palm of your caudal hand contacts the patient’s ischial tuberosity on the side being mobilized, with your forearms in opposite directions in line with the direction in which force is applied.
  • Force Application:
    • Move the patient’s hip into flexion. After taking up the slack in the joint, apply equal and opposite forces through both of your hand contacts.
    • Between each progression, the patient may impart an isometric hip extension force into your trunk for the purpose of utilizing the hip extensors to impart an additional posterior rotatory force followed by further movement of the hip into flexion with simultaneous mobilization force provided through your hand contacts.
Iliosacral posterior rotation. 

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