Patellofemoral Glide


  • Superior & inferior glide is to improve knee ext & flex, respectively
  • Medial & lateral glide is to improve knee IR & ER, respectively
  • Tilt is to improve all physiologic knee motions

Accessory Motion Technique

  • Patient Position:
    • Supine with knee in open-packed position.
  • Clinician position & Hand Placement:
    • Stands to side of pt
    • Stabilization: Provided by the weight of the leg
    • Mobilizing hand: Patella is contacted with web space of hand
    • Superior or inferior glide: hand placed at inferior or superior poles of patella, respectively
    • Medial or lateral glide: hand placed at lateral or medial aspects of patella, respectively
    • Tilt: thumbs placed over superior, inferior, medial, or lateral aspect of patella
  • Force Application:
    • For glides, your forearm is in line with the direction in which force is applied as your other hand provides reinforcement.
    • For tilts, apply force in a posterior direction through the patellar contact with the objective of moving the opposing pole of the patella anteriorly.
Patellofemoral inferior glide.
Patellofemoral medial and lateral glide.

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