Talocrural Distraction

Kéo tách khớp cổ chân


  • Testing; initial treatment; pain control; general mobility

Accessory Motion Technique

  • Patient Position:
    • Supine with the foot over the edge of the table.
  • Clinician Position and Hand Placement:
    • Standing at foot of pt facing cephalad
    • Stabilizing Contact: Weight of body and mobilization strap may be used to stabilize distal leg
    • Mobilizing contact: Fingers interlaced over dorsum of foot & anterior talus, with thumbs on plantar surface of foot & forearms parallel to one another; mobilization belt may be used to reinforce hand contacts
  • Force Application:
    • Through your hand contacts over the talus, a distraction force is provided in the direction of the forearms by leaning back.
Talocrural distraction.

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