Humeroulnar Distraction with Distal Glide

Tên tiếng Anh/Việt:

  • Humeroulnar Distraction
  • Kéo khớp cánh tay-trụ


  • increase elbow flexion and extension (grade III or IV). /
  • Chỉ định: tăng gấp và duỗi khuỷu

Accessory Motion Technique/ Kỹ thuật vận động phụ trợ

  • Patient Position: supine position with the upper arm resting on the table or folded towel and the dorsal forearm resting on the clinician’s shoulder. The elbow is in the humeroulnar open-packed position. To stretch into either flexion or extension, position the joint at the end of its available range.
  • Clinician Position and Hand Placement: Sit on the ipsilateral side of the elbow being mobilized. Your stabilization hand holds the upper arm in contact with the table. Your mobilization hand grasps the anterior aspect of the proximal ulna. Be sure that your forearm is in line with the direction of force.
  • Force Application: While stabilizing the upper arm, force is exerted through the ulnar contact in a caudal direction. This technique may be progressed by moving the elbow in the direction of greatest restriction.

Fig Humeroulnar distraction with distal glide (scoop motion) to increase elbow flexion.


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